We'd love to have you come work with us in Oakley on Easter Weekend!

Below is a list of available volunteer roles. Please be sure to read the role description for additional details,
dress code, and to determine if the role is family-friendly or designed just for adults.

Signing up is SUPER easy - just three simple steps!

1. Select your role and review the description. (If you are currently part of a regular serving team, we kindly
ask that you choose that role.)
2. Check the box by the shift time you want.
3. Enter the required information and click "sign up" - Boom, you're done!

You'll receive a confirmation email with your shift details. If you want to sign up another person or sign
yourself up for multiple shifts, just repeat the process.

If you don't see a specific role/service combination, that means that we've filled all the volunteer needs for
that particular combo. Easter 2018 is going to be an amazing time of celebrating in Oakley! Thank YOU for helping to make it all happen!

Sorry, there are not any shifts available online at this time.